2 Day Training – Charring and Charcoal Briquetting

This training is meant to teach the participants on how to use the charring kilns to produce char powder from dry biomass and on how to use the extruder to manufacture the briquettes. The participants are required to purchase at least one kiln and one extruder prior to the training. Participants will be provided with a training manual.

This training can accommodate up to 10 participants.

The main steps of the 2 day training include:

  1. Identify locally available biomass that can be used in the charring process
  2. Filling the kiln properly and pyroloyzing the dry biomass to produce quality char powder, including safety in the pyrolyzing process
  3. Sifting the char powder to remove contamination and ensuring it is the right consistency for briquetting
  4. Making of the binder and mixing with the char powder
  5. Operation of the briquette machine (extruder)
  6. Drying the briquettes


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