5 Day Full Training – Fabrication of Equipment & Briquetting

This training is a Complete 5 day course. The goal of the training is to transfer to participants the knowledge and technical capacity on how to convert dry biomass in to char powder that can be used in the making of quality charcoal briquettes. By the end of the training, participants will be completely autonomous to start and develop their sustainable charcoal briquette production. Are included in the course:  the fabrication of the kiln, the setting up of the extruders and the use of this equipment, information on raw material, skills on record keeping and tasks’ management and marketing. Each participant will be provided with a training manual.

This training can accommodate 10 to 15 participants.

The main steps of the 5 day full training are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Familiarize participants to the tools used in the process of making the equipment and how to safely handle them.
  3. Cutting down, shaping and welding the kiln, handles, lid, stove pipe and plunger.
  4. Lean to identify locally available biomass that can be used in the charring process
  5. Filling the kiln properly and pyroloyzing the dry biomass to produce quality char powder, including safety in the pyrolyzing process
  6. Sifting the char powder to remove contamination and ensuring it is the right consistency for briquetting
  7. Making of the binder and mixing with the char powder
  8. Setting up and operation of the briquette machine (extruder)
  9. Drying the briquettes
  10. Packaging and storage
  11. How to use the briquettes
  12. Marketing and promotion of charcoal briquettes.
  13. Records keeping and tasks management




Women participants learning how to use an angle grinder for the first time

Participants are provided with a training manual which the can use to guide them in the training

Measuring and planning out steps of fabrication

Fabricating the kiln and lid

Fabricating the handles

Shaping and welding the stove pipe

Participants with their completed kilns