Biogas in Tanzania – Completed

Promotion of Biogas in the Great Lakes Region

ARTI Energy has been working with  RONGEAD, a French NGO dedicated poverty alleviated through economic empowerment, in partnership with Environmental Management and Economic Development Organization (EMEDO) and Lake Nyanza Environmental and Sanitation Organization (LANESO) to promote biogas in the Great Lakes Region.

Participants fabricating compact biogas systems in Mwanza

ARTI Energy team members conducted trainings in Mwanza Region from November 2nd to 12th 2011.  The trainings were part of a SEED project being implemented by RONGEAD throughout 2011 and 2012.  A total of 5 Compact Biogas Systems were fabricated during the training in Ukurewe and Magu Districts and another 4 were fabricated post training.

Another 25 systems will be delivered in February 2012. Further trainings are planned in 2012 to train trainers who will be tasked with the further promotion of compact biogas technology in the region.

The training is designed to be hands on and is focused on the three major competencies: the fabrication of the biogas plants using water storage tanks and locally available plumbing materials, the feeding and maintenance of the systems, and the health and economic benefits of biogas.  Participants learned that 5-6kg of peelings, fish remains and/or other food waste could generate a clean cooking gas for up to 2.5 hours a day.


Compact Biogas System

This clean, efficient and safe system produces hot frame using only kitchen food waste.

The compact design allows it be installed into almost any urban space and once it is installed there is little to no operating costs. In other words “Free Energy


Small quantity of all kinds of decomposable waste foods can be used as raw material to produce gas

The system reduces the dependence on LPG, Kerosene, Electricity and Charcoal

The system can be scaled to meet the requirement

Relatively Low Investment and space required

Quick and easy installation and relocation

Produces an Organic Fertilizer as a By-product

Suitable for both urban and rural usage

800 times more efficient than traditional dung based Biogas systems