Biogas in Tanzania – Completed

Promotion of Biogas in the Great Lakes Region ARTI Energy has been working with  RONGEAD, a French NGO dedicated poverty alleviated through economic empowerment, in partnership with Environmental Management and Economic Development Organization (EMEDO) and Lake Nyanza Environmental and Sanitation … Continue reading

Waste to Wealth – Completed 2012

Project Goal ARTI with funding from the World Bank’s Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA) and with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT) is working to build the charcoal briquettes value chain in Tanzania.  The … Continue reading

Lighting Rural Tanzania

As early as 2008 ARTI began developing a project for low-cost solar guided by the belief that lighting is a basic need. We also understood that the up-front investment required to access any modern lighting devices is beyond the financial … Continue reading

Solar Ambassador Program

In 2012 ARTI began working with the TRANSMAR Group (, one of the world’s leading suppliers of cocoa products to the confectionary, ice cream and bakery industries, to implement a dynamic solar energy program for rural communities in East Africa. … Continue reading


In 2013, ARTI Energy has partnered with CARE International for the Tanzanian  region of its “Program in Support of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Renewables” (wPower). wPower works with CARE’s existing Village Saving and Loans Associations (VLSAs) that comprise of over one … Continue reading