Charcoal Briquettes

Mkaa Mkombozi is ARTI’s own sustainable charcoal briquette product. These briquettes are produced through Charcoal Briquettes Tanzania Limited (CBTL), a subsidiary of ARTI Energy Limited.  using agricultural waste (such as maize stalks, rice & coconut husks) and other dry biomass … Continue reading

Solar Lighting

Lighting is a basic need and should be available to everyone.  ARTI-Energy provides solar solutions that range from hand held solar lights to complete solar systems for institutions.  With the affordable pricing and reliable products no one needs to be … Continue reading

Solar, Solar Back-Up & Back-up Systems

ARTI Energy has a variety of larger solar, solar back-up and non-solar back up systems.  The following provides a brief description so that you can better understand what you are potentially investing in.  ARTI Energy has pre-designed kits based on … Continue reading

Briquette Trainings and Equipment

Charcoal briquettes made from agricultural waste and other dry biomass offer an economical solution to the rising costs of cooking fuel in cities.  Briquettes are clean burning and cheaper than traditional wood charcoal.  They also provide an alternative to cutting … Continue reading

Improved Cook Stoves

ARTI Energy offers a range of clean, improved cook stoves from internationally recognized brands. These stoves have been specially designed to maximise fuel efficiency, minimise cooking time and reduce harmful emissions from cooking.


Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) Popularly known as “Saba Saba” ARTI has been participating the event since 2007.  This year we will feature Barefoot Power & Greenlight Planet, Envirofit cookstoves and live demonstrations of charcoal briquettes & production. … Continue reading