Envirofit EFI-100L Institutional Wood Stove

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ARTI Energy distributes Envirofit’s EFI-100L Institutional Wood Stove.

institutional_no_background copy

The EFI-100L Institutional Wood Stove utilises Envirofit’s special materials and designs for use in a highly efficient stove manufactured for large commercial or institutional cooking.

The EFI-100L stove incorporates emission and fuel use reductions with a 100L stainless steel pot to revolutionise high volume cooking. These reductions will provide institutions with:

savings on fuel use and expenditure (up to 80% less wood used)

health benefits for users from cleaner cooking (up to 90% less emissions)

significantly faster cooking times (can boil 75L of water in 48minutes)

View the specifications of the EFI-100L.

The stoves will arrive around June 2014, please contact ARTI to place your order today!

ARTI December Update

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ARTI has had a very busy few months as Tanzanians continue to demand our clean energy products and services and we expand our dealer network. Read below about some of the exciting things that have been happening at ARTI in the last few months.

ARTI introduces new packaging for Mkaa Mkombozi.

ARTI expands its clean energy dealer network.

ARTI partners with Mikono Cultural Heritage to host ‘Tamasha ya Ukombozi’.  

ARTI begins wPower Trainings in Morogoro and introduces Revolving Credit Fund in Conjunction with CARE International.

‘Introducing Mkaa Mkombozi’s New Packaging’


Mkaa Mkombozi is ARTI’s own sustainable charcoal briquette product. These briquettes are produced in partnership with Bagamoyo Brikwiti Company (BBC)


using agricultural waste (such as maize stalks, rice & coconut husks) and other dry biomass to create a high quality, sustainable and cleaner cooking fuel solution. Mkaa Mkombozi is now available in the market in 4 different packages! 1.5 KG , 4KG, 15KG and 25 KG bags.

Your eco-friendly charcoal is available at ARTI’s Energy Office, at Nishati Mkombozi shop in Mwenge, at Mikono Cultural Heritage in Chang’ombe  at Bagamoyo Brikwiti Company in Bagamoyo!

Use Mkaa Mkombozi and experience the benefits of using this clean and renewable source of fuel for cooking your meal and BBQ!

- No smoke, no sparks

- Burns longer, strong fire

- Preserves the environment, Recycle waste

- Good price!


‘ARTI expands its clean energy dealer network’

ARTI has continued to expand its dealer and sales point presence as demand for ARTI’s hgh quality, clean energy products continues to grow. Mwenge, Dar es-Salaam  is now home to ‘Nishati Mkombozi Shop‘ which has been set up exclusively as a sales point for ARTI’s wide range of solar lights & large solar systems, Envirofit improved cookstoves and Mkaa Mkombozi sustainable charcoal briquettes. A similar shop has been set up in Bagamoyo stocking Mkaa Mkombozi and improved cookstoves.


These sales points have seen great success so far by focusing on:


 - Branding of the shops and promotion at the shop doorstep to attract clients keen to know more about these innovative and new products. Customers have been eager to learn about the transformative products and as a result sales at these points have been strong

- Quality sale and after sale services  is the key. Via strong relationship with ARTI Energy main office, all the clients benefits the expertise of ARTI’s technicians: all the products can be repaired or changed when under warranty and even beyond. These points also have dedicated, trained salespeople who able about to provide customers with valuable sales service and information regarding the products.

ARTI is continuing to build on the success of these expansions, working with partners to establish further points and strengthen existing sales points through the lessons learnt in these cases.


‘ARTI partners with Mikono Cultural Heritage to host ‘Tamasha ya Ukombozi’

The first annual ‘Tamasha ya Umkombozi – Soko la Bidhaa Asilia‘ (Saviour Festival – Natural Products Market) took place from November 8th to 10th at Mikono Cultural Heritage in Dar es-Salaam. The festival is a result of a natural partnership between Mikono Cultural Heritage and ARTI, who both supply products that seek to directly benefit Tanzanians, ARTI through its clean energy products and Mikono through its fair trade, Tanzanian made  handicrafts and art. About 300 entreprenuers displayed their products alongside ARTI’s clean energy products, creating a vibrant display and atmosphere.


The unique focus of supporting Tanzania entrepenuers and providing products that benefit consumers attracted the strong interest both politically and in the community.  The festival’s guest of honour was the Italian Ambassador to Tanzania, Luigi Scotia who was very complementary of  the products offered by both ARTI and displayed by Mikono’s entreprenuers. This was  reflected by members of the community who were able to pass through the demonstration free of charge and also enjoy free entertainment. Both parties were pleased with the festival and look to continued partnership in the coming future.


ARTI begins wPower Trainings in Morogoro and introduces Revolving Credit Fund in Conjunction with CARE International.’

ARTI has continued to make progress with its wPower project.

Morogoro Training

ARTI’s wPower team, Glory Tarimo and Brenda Allan, travelled to Mvomero, Morogoro to train 15 carefully selected Community Based Trainers (CBTs), on November 21st & 22nd,  to become clean energy entreprenuers. The trainings were very well received by the participants who were introduced to ARTI’s solar and cookstove products and were also given basic sales and business trainings. The CBTs showed a strong willingness to begin receiving products immediately in order to capitalise on the training and opportunity to become clean energy entreprenuers.

wPower Revolving Fund Credit Facility

ARTI and CARE  have partnered to introduce a revolving fund credit facility for use by CBTs who have been trained through the wPower project. The fund will provide CBTs with crucial credit required to make the larger stock purchases required to scale up their clean energy enterprises. CBTs have been carefully selected by ARTI and CARE to maximise the impact of the credit and ensure prompt repayments.

Envirofit SuperSaver Charcoal

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ARTI Energy distributes Envirofit’s SuperSaver Charcoal Cook Stove

Super Saver pc

The SuperSaver has been designed specifically to be one of the most efficient charcoal cookstove in the world.  Manufactured using the same state-of-the-art, patented technologies as all Envirofit stoves the SuperSaver provides the cooking power and fuel saving at an affordable price.

The SuperSavers′s design reduces charcoal usage by up to 60% by maximising the transfer of heat form the burning fuel to cooking. This reduction in charcoal consumption can translate to significant financial savings for users. Maximising heat transfer also helps to reduce cooking times by up to 50%.

The SuperSaver also reduces the environmental and health impacts of cooking with charcoal. The SuperSaver reduces smoke and soot by up to 80%, lowering indoor air pollution levels and effects that this has upon the health of users and household members.


ARTI at 2013 Trade Fairs – Saba Saba and Nane Nane

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ARTI recently participated in the Dar es-Salaam International Trade Fair, known as Saba Saba, and the Dodoma’s Kilimo Kwanza Agricultural Fair, known as Nane Nane. It was the seventh time ARTI has been invited by the Tanzania’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to participate as part of their contingent for the events. Across the two events ARTI spent 17 days demonstrating and selling our solar, cookstove and charcoal briquette products. The events draw huge crowds each year and ARTI was able to display and distribute its products to a large number of interested customers from across Tanzania.


The ARTI Energy team with our banda at Saba Saba


Over 300,000 people pass through Saba Saba each year. Safe to say we had a busy time demonstrating and selling our products to all these people!

These two events provided milestones for ARTI Energy’s growing product line.  It was our first opportunity to introduce our new Envirofit cookstoves to the Tanzanian market. We were extremely pleased with the embrace of the our cookstove range by visitors with ARTI selling over 1500 cookstoves across the two events and receiving great interest from thousands more who were enthusiastic about the new, transformative Envirofit stoves.


Programs Director, Dennis Tessier, explaining the benefits of our new Envirofit M5000 wood cookstove at Nane Nane

We also introduced our Mkaa Mkombozi branded sustainable charcoal briquettes, explaining how they are produced and demonstrating their benefits for users. Again visitors showed huge interest in our presentation with customers leaving the Saba Saba Grounds with over three tonnes of our sustainable briquettes and many more showing interest about being involved in the charcoal production process (see: Trainings and Briquette Trainings & Equipment).


Our new sustainable charcoal briquette brand, Mkaa Mkombozi, was launched with great success at Saba Saba.

An Innovative Success: wPower entrepreneurs as event saleswomen

One of our major innovations for this year’s events was incorporating women from our wPower project  into our sales staff. In planning for the events we worked with the Jukuila, the umbrella group that manages and distributes ARTI products to Village Agents (VAs) in the Dar es-Salaam area, to identify six enthusiastic, knowledgeable  and committed women to work with ARTI as salespeople across our two trade fairs. With Jukuila, ARTI then formulated a sales structure that maximised incentives and positive outcomes from the events for Jukuila and the VAs along with ARTI’s interests.  ARTI provided stock, at wholesale price to Jukuila that was then sold by the chosen VAs through ARTI’s booth at retail prices. Jukuila then made profit (equivalent to retail price – wholesale price) on every product sold at the events. At the end of each event these total profits were calculated and Jukuila given the opportunity to directly convert this into stock purchases to supply the large number of VAs in Dar es-Salaam. The VAs involved were given the opportunity to take their share of the profit in the form of stock and then proceeded to make their own profit from its resale to their customers.  Not only has it provided the group with an opportunity to purchase large amount of stock but the VAs who participated as saleswomen have gained valuable sale experience and have been energised by the sales they have made at these events and are keen to expand their own enterprises and capitalise on the market demand for clean energy products they have witnessed.


Some of our wPower saleswomen selling our Envirofit cookstoves


The ARTI team and our wPower saleswomen (all standing) after a hard days work in Nane Nane Dodoma.


Charcoal Briquettes

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Mkaa Mkombozi logo (2)

Mkaa Mkombozi is ARTI’s own sustainable charcoal briquette product. These briquettes are produced through Charcoal Briquettes Tanzania Limited (CBTL), a subsidiary of ARTI Energy Limited.  using agricultural waste (such as maize stalks, rice & coconut husks) and other dry biomass to create a high quality, sustainable and cleaner cooking fuel solution.

briquette 1 copy

In Swahili, ‘Mkaa‘ is the word for charcoal and ‘Mkombozi‘ means savior with the name emphasizing the transformative impact of our sustainable charcoal briquettes. The brand’s tagline, ‘Okoa Pesa |Okoa Afya |Okoa Mazingira‘ literally translates as ‘Save Money | Save Health| Save the Environment’.


Save MoneyMkaa Mkombozi briquettes are denser than regular wood charcoal. This means they burn longer and hotter than this traditional fuel, reducing cooking times and charcoal use saving users money.

Save HealthThe briquettes produce far less smoke than convention charcoal, reducing indoor pollution and improving health outcomes for Mkaa Mkombozi users.

Save the Environment - Mkaa Mkombozi provides a sustainable alternative to wood charcoal that is responsible for the severe deforestation affecting Tanzania. Transforming agricultural waste and dry biomass into charcoal briquettes utilises readily available waste products and minimises the harmful environmental impacts of using wood based cooking fuels.

Mkaa Mkombozi is available in 4 and 25kg bags at CBTL/AEL Offices in Sala Sala, Mkilimahewa office in Mbezi Beach and will soon be found in many other locations throughout Dar-Es-Salaam.  If you require larger orders for resale, institutions or industrial use, please contact +255 786 427 949 or email tz.briquettes@gmail.com

Mkaa Sizes

    Mkaa Delivery


Envirofit Improved Cookstoves Are Here!

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ARTI has just received our first shipment of Envirofit’s improved cookstoves.

The cookstoves, available for both charcoal (CH5200) and wood (M5000),  have been designed specifically to maximise fuel efficiency and minimise cooking times & harmful emissions. Manufactured using state-of-the-art, patent pending technologies, the cookstoves provide quality, affordable solutions for  household and commerical cooking.

The unique design of Envirofit cookstoves maximises heat transfer  to enable:

Reduced fuel consumption of up to 60% – creating significant financial savings for users

Reduced cooking times of up to 50%

The cookstoves specially designed combustion chamber also reduces smoke and soot by up to 80% compared to traditional cooking techniques, greatly reducing indoor air pollution and its harmful health effects.

The cookstoves are extremely high quality. They are specially designed in the USA, using unique quality materials and the stoves have a 5 year warranty on the combustion chamber.

The cookstoves are available from purchase in person at ARTI’s offices, Nishati Mkombozi shop in Mwenge or contact ARTI directly.

Click on the photos below to find out more about the individual cookstoves.

Envirofit’s CH5200 Charcoal Cookstove

Envirofit’s M5000 Wood Cookstove