MIT Students improving Mkaa Mkombozi production process at our new briquette factory

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A word from the students…

During the first three weeks of 2015 (5-23th Jan), a group of students from Boston (Neha, Nadia, Stephanie and Francisco) coming from Wellesley College and MIT Sloan, decided to postpone their holidays and come working with ARTI Energy in Dar es Salaam. Our mission was to improve the Mkaa Mkombozi charcoal briquettes production process. With this initiative, ARTI Energy through its charcoal briquette business (Charcoal Briquette Tanzania Ltd) aims to create a sustainable business model, which can contribute to reduce deforestation in Tanzania. The current production is ~800 kg/ day and our goal was to reach 2.000 kg/ day. The challenge was set!

From right to left, bottom to top: Manon, Potnis, Francisco, Nicole, Neha, Allan, Neha and Stephanie

MIT students and ARTI’s team                                                                                                                                                                         From right to left, bottom to top: Manon, Potnis, Francisco, Nicole, Neha, Allan, Neha and Stephanie


In the first two weeks of the project, we focused on understanding and measuring the current production process. Thanks to the interviews and production monitoring, we were able to develop a deep understanding of the process and a detailed diagnostic of the main production bottlenecks. In addition, we started brainstorming around potential solutions to improve productivity and the issues identified.
During the last week, we developed the final recommendations together with Allan (factory manager) and all the workers. Together, we defined the top priority actions that can help the factory reaching its production goal. Some of these recommendations were operative and easy to implement (e.g. worker schedules optimization) while others require additional investment (e.g. drying system capacity sizing). Moreover, we also launched a quality test to identify the optimal product characteristic (e.g. moisture content) and reduce production variability. With all these recommendations, we are confident that the factory can reach 2.000 kg/ day of Mkaa Mkombozi charcoal briquettes.

In conclusion, during these weeks we had the chance to put into practice our knowledge and competences in a real working experience improving the charcoal briquette prodution performance. We all had an amazing learning experience. In addition, we were able to the see real impact of our work. For instance, the last day before leaving, we implemented some of the proposed recommendations reaching +1.100 kg/ day. Finally, we would like to thank all the people that has helped us during this experience. Especially, we would like to mention all ARTI Energy workers and team (Manon, Dennis, Potnis, Allan, etc.) who have always been helpful and kind. We are looking forward to working with you again! In addition, also thanks to the Sloan Entrepreneurs for Innovational Development (SEID) club, who offered us this amazing opportunity.

Nadia, Neha, Stephanie and Francisco

ARTI Launches Its New Solar Lighting Range

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ARTI Energy is pleased to launch its new solar lighting product range incorporating products from Greenlight Planet and Barefoot Power.

Greenlight Planet’s Sunking ECO

Greenlight Planet's Sunking ECO

Greenlight Planet’s Pro 2

Greenlight Planet Sunking Pro 2 (2)Greenlight Planet Sunking Pro 2 (1)

Barefoot Power’s Connect 600

Barefoot-Connect-600 high res cropped

The range of solar lights makes solar lighting and charging solutions available to individuals, households, businesses and organisations. The range offers various functionalities varying from bright single lamps to larger plug-and-play four light systems.

All the lights in ARTI range come with a 24 month warranty.

For more information about the individual solar lights please click the pictures above.

Greenlight Planet ‘SunKing ECO’

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Greenlight Planet’s SunKing Eco is the latest addition to ARTI’s solar light range.

The Eco is a simple, easy-to-use solar powered lamp that makes for an ideal replacement for kerosene lanterns used by many households and businesses.

The Eco’s 25 lumen, LED light can provide up to 30 hours of light from a single sunny day’s charge that is 2 times brighter than light from kerosene. The Eco comes with a stand that allows the Eco to be used as a desk lamp or hung from a roof in order to light a room. It also features a hand strap that allows for easy carrying and use as a hand torch.

View the specifications of the Eco.


Greenlight Planet ‘SunKing Pro 2′

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Greenlight Planet’s SunKing Pro 2 is part of  ARTI’s new solar light range.

Greenlight Planet Sunking Pro 2 (2) Greenlight Planet Sunking Pro 2 (1)

The Pro 2 is a simple, high powered  solar lamp that combines very bright LED lighting with multiple phone charging capabilities.

The Pro 2′s 150 lumen Turbo Mode LED light can provide up to 6 hours of light from a single sunny day’s charge that is 15 times brighter than light from kerosene. On it’s 25 lumen setting the Pro 2 can provide up to 36 hours of light. The Pro 2 has the capability to charge two mobile phones of nearly all types (one set of various pins included). It has a battery and charging indicator to maximise charge and usage efficiency.

The Pro 2 comes with a stand that allows the light to be used as a desk lamp or hung from a roof in order to light a room. It also features a hand strap that allows for easy carrying and use as a hand torch.

The Pro 2 comes with a 24 month warranty.

For technical specifications and more detailed information click here.

Barefoot Power ‘Connect 600′

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ARTI has introduced Barefoot Power’s new generation Connect 600 to its product range.

Barefoot-Connect-600 high res cropped

The Connect 600 provides high quality, bright LED lighting along with multiple phone and accessory charging along with a 12V output.

The Connect 600 is a plug-and-play system allowing for simple and fast installation. It comes with four bright LED lamps, two USB outputs and one 12V output. The system includes all required wires (including switches), phone charging pins, 12V adapter. The system can provide up to 6 hours of light for four rooms along with phone charging and the ability to power a small radio.  The 12v adapter enables the connection of 12V DC appliances such as DC Fans.

The Connect 600 provides a  lighting and charging solution for homes, businesses and clinics.

The Connect 600 is backed by a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Click for technical specifications and more information.

ARTI Installs Its First Institutional Stoves

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ARTI recently partnered with World Vision and our Dodoma dealer, Watu Na Nuru to install four of ARTI’s new Envirofit Institutional Stoves, EFI-100L, in three schools in the Dodoma region.


The three schools, comprising of nearly 1000 students in total, run feeding programs to help improve students educational and health outcomes. In support of the financial and environmental sustainability of these programs, World Vision saw the unique benefits of the EFI-100L stove in reducing fuel usage by up to 80% in order to reduce deforestation and cooking costs for the programs compared to the convention cooking done in these schools.


The stoves are designed with large scale cooking in mind as they come with a 100L high quality stainless steel pot and are very easy to use.

The students and teachers of these schools, who are sometimes required to do the cooking, were also very pleased to see how clean the air in their cooking area had also become thanks to the stoves special design and stove pipe to carry smoke outside the cooking area.

If your institutional is interested in promoting fuel conservation, improved staff health and financial sustainability contact ARTI via email

See here for more information on our Envirofit Institutional Stoves