About ARTI


Our Success from 2007 – 2016


Number of people sensitized to Renewable Energy – 3 million+

ARTI has been sensitizing people in East Africa about the benefits of renewable energy for almost 10 years.  This has been through road shows, rural and urban training, collaboration with local, national and international partners and energetic participation in the Dar es Salaam international Trade Fair, Kilimo Kwanza and Energy Week.  The end result has been millions of people educated about quality renewable energy products and tens of thousands of people adopting them in their homes.

Number of Improved Cookstoves distributed – 30,000+

ARTI began distributing Evirofit improved cookstoves in 2012.  In 2014 ARTI managed to distribute 23,000+ stoves making it the largest distributor of Envirofit charcoal and wood stoves in Africa for that year.  ARTI will continue to grow the market for these and other products in 2016.

Number of low cost solar units distributed – 30,000+

ARTI has been distributing low cost solar since 2008.  We first started selling D.Light products, but quickly realized people wanted a more robust 4 light system that could also charge phones and play a radio.  This lead to ARTI’s creation of the TanzaTaa.  After some success we decided to adopt the Barefoot Power product line, including the PowaPak 5w…we sold thousands of these units an continue to sell the Barefoot Power Connect Series.  Recently we have focused on Greenlight Planet Sunking Solar products.

Number of Large Solar & Back-up Systems installed  -  200+

ARTI began installing larger capacity solar and back-up systems in Tanzania.  Our most memorable systems are Nkundutsi and Gwanumpu Secondary Schools in Kigoma, a hospital for Geita Gold Mine, Solar Water for the Official Residence and Diplomatic Houses of the Canadian High Commission in Tanzania.

Micro-Grids – On schedule for 2016

ARTI is poised to install it’s first micro-grid in Tanzania in partnership with PowerGen and with financial support from the Tanzania Rural Energy Agency (REA).  The micro-grid is scheduled to be in full operation by March 2016.

Number of People Trained on Charcoal Briquettes – 3000+

ARTI began training rural farmers and entrepreneurs on how to produce charcoal briquettes from agricultural waste in 2007.  The program got it’s first boost from the Ministry of Labour and Youth Employment, then from the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH).  Other organizations, such as Norwegian Church Aid, Campaign for Female Education and the Jane Goodall Institute, plus many other churches and local organizations have supported training.  In 2008, the World Bank, through the Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA) funded a two year pilot that allowed for hundreds more of people to be trained.  Further investment from the Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) and the Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) has allowed us to scale up our training.

Number of Charcoal Kilns & manual extruder fabricated  -  1000+

These kilns are spread out all over Tanzania, particularly in Coast Region.  We are in regular contact with producers and often move kilns from non-productive users to more productive users to ensure a steady supply of charcoal briquettes.

Charcoal Briquettes Produced and Sold – 300+ tons

While it is hard to give an exact number this is our best estimate and it does not include the charcoal briquettes produced and sold by those we have trained.  Our target is 2000 tons for 2016!