Greenlight Planet ‘SunKing Pro 2′

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Greenlight Planet’s SunKing Pro 2 is part of  ARTI’s new solar light range.

Greenlight Planet Sunking Pro 2 (2) Greenlight Planet Sunking Pro 2 (1)

The Pro 2 is a simple, high powered  solar lamp that combines very bright LED lighting with multiple phone charging capabilities.

The Pro 2′s 150 lumen Turbo Mode LED light can provide up to 6 hours of light from a single sunny day’s charge that is 15 times brighter than light from kerosene. On it’s 25 lumen setting the Pro 2 can provide up to 36 hours of light. The Pro 2 has the capability to charge two mobile phones of nearly all types (one set of various pins included). It has a battery and charging indicator to maximise charge and usage efficiency.

The Pro 2 comes with a stand that allows the light to be used as a desk lamp or hung from a roof in order to light a room. It also features a hand strap that allows for easy carrying and use as a hand torch.

The Pro 2 comes with a 24 month warranty.

For technical specifications and more detailed information click here.