Barefoot Power ‘Connect 600′

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ARTI has introduced Barefoot Power’s new generation Connect 600 to its product range.

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The Connect 600 provides high quality, bright LED lighting along with multiple phone and accessory charging along with a 12V output.

The Connect 600 is a plug-and-play system allowing for simple and fast installation. It comes with four bright LED lamps, two USB outputs and one 12V output. The system includes all required wires (including switches), phone charging pins, 12V adapter. The system can provide up to 6 hours of light for four rooms along with phone charging and the ability to power a small radio.  The 12v adapter enables the connection of 12V DC appliances such as DC Fans.

The Connect 600 provides a  lighting and charging solution for homes, businesses and clinics.

The Connect 600 is backed by a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Click for technical specifications and more information.