ARTI Installs Its First Institutional Stoves

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ARTI recently partnered with World Vision and our Dodoma dealer, Watu Na Nuru to install four of ARTI’s new Envirofit Institutional Stoves, EFI-100L, in three schools in the Dodoma region.


The three schools, comprising of nearly 1000 students in total, run feeding programs to help improve students educational and health outcomes. In support of the financial and environmental sustainability of these programs, World Vision saw the unique benefits of the EFI-100L stove in reducing fuel usage by up to 80% in order to reduce deforestation and cooking costs for the programs compared to the convention cooking done in these schools.


The stoves are designed with large scale cooking in mind as they come with a 100L high quality stainless steel pot and are very easy to use.

The students and teachers of these schools, who are sometimes required to do the cooking, were also very pleased to see how clean the air in their cooking area had also become thanks to the stoves special design and stove pipe to carry smoke outside the cooking area.

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