Envirofit EFI-100L Institutional Wood Stove

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ARTI Energy distributes Envirofit’s EFI-100L Institutional Wood Stove.

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The EFI-100L Institutional Wood Stove utilises Envirofit’s special materials and designs for use in a highly efficient stove manufactured for large commercial or institutional cooking.

The EFI-100L stove incorporates emission and fuel use reductions with a 100L stainless steel pot to revolutionise high volume cooking. These reductions will provide institutions with:

savings on fuel use and expenditure (up to 80% less wood used)

health benefits for users from cleaner cooking (up to 90% less emissions)

significantly faster cooking times (can boil 75L of water in 48minutes)

View the specifications of the EFI-100L.

The stoves will arrive around June 2014, please contact ARTI to place your order today!