ARTI December Update

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ARTI has had a very busy few months as Tanzanians continue to demand our clean energy products and services and we expand our dealer network. Read below about some of the exciting things that have been happening at ARTI in the last few months.

ARTI introduces new packaging for Mkaa Mkombozi.

ARTI expands its clean energy dealer network.

ARTI partners with Mikono Cultural Heritage to host ‘Tamasha ya Ukombozi’.  

ARTI begins wPower Trainings in Morogoro and introduces Revolving Credit Fund in Conjunction with CARE International.

‘Introducing Mkaa Mkombozi’s New Packaging’


Mkaa Mkombozi is ARTI’s own sustainable charcoal briquette product. These briquettes are produced in partnership with Bagamoyo Brikwiti Company (BBC)


using agricultural waste (such as maize stalks, rice & coconut husks) and other dry biomass to create a high quality, sustainable and cleaner cooking fuel solution. Mkaa Mkombozi is now available in the market in 4 different packages! 1.5 KG , 4KG, 15KG and 25 KG bags.

Your eco-friendly charcoal is available at ARTI’s Energy Office, at Nishati Mkombozi shop in Mwenge, at Mikono Cultural Heritage in Chang’ombe  at Bagamoyo Brikwiti Company in Bagamoyo!

Use Mkaa Mkombozi and experience the benefits of using this clean and renewable source of fuel for cooking your meal and BBQ!

- No smoke, no sparks

- Burns longer, strong fire

- Preserves the environment, Recycle waste

- Good price!


‘ARTI expands its clean energy dealer network’

ARTI has continued to expand its dealer and sales point presence as demand for ARTI’s hgh quality, clean energy products continues to grow. Mwenge, Dar es-Salaam  is now home to ‘Nishati Mkombozi Shop‘ which has been set up exclusively as a sales point for ARTI’s wide range of solar lights & large solar systems, Envirofit improved cookstoves and Mkaa Mkombozi sustainable charcoal briquettes. A similar shop has been set up in Bagamoyo stocking Mkaa Mkombozi and improved cookstoves.


These sales points have seen great success so far by focusing on:


 - Branding of the shops and promotion at the shop doorstep to attract clients keen to know more about these innovative and new products. Customers have been eager to learn about the transformative products and as a result sales at these points have been strong

- Quality sale and after sale services  is the key. Via strong relationship with ARTI Energy main office, all the clients benefits the expertise of ARTI’s technicians: all the products can be repaired or changed when under warranty and even beyond. These points also have dedicated, trained salespeople who able about to provide customers with valuable sales service and information regarding the products.

ARTI is continuing to build on the success of these expansions, working with partners to establish further points and strengthen existing sales points through the lessons learnt in these cases.


‘ARTI partners with Mikono Cultural Heritage to host ‘Tamasha ya Ukombozi’

The first annual ‘Tamasha ya Umkombozi – Soko la Bidhaa Asilia‘ (Saviour Festival – Natural Products Market) took place from November 8th to 10th at Mikono Cultural Heritage in Dar es-Salaam. The festival is a result of a natural partnership between Mikono Cultural Heritage and ARTI, who both supply products that seek to directly benefit Tanzanians, ARTI through its clean energy products and Mikono through its fair trade, Tanzanian made  handicrafts and art. About 300 entreprenuers displayed their products alongside ARTI’s clean energy products, creating a vibrant display and atmosphere.


The unique focus of supporting Tanzania entrepenuers and providing products that benefit consumers attracted the strong interest both politically and in the community.  The festival’s guest of honour was the Italian Ambassador to Tanzania, Luigi Scotia who was very complementary of  the products offered by both ARTI and displayed by Mikono’s entreprenuers. This was  reflected by members of the community who were able to pass through the demonstration free of charge and also enjoy free entertainment. Both parties were pleased with the festival and look to continued partnership in the coming future.


ARTI begins wPower Trainings in Morogoro and introduces Revolving Credit Fund in Conjunction with CARE International.’

ARTI has continued to make progress with its wPower project.

Morogoro Training

ARTI’s wPower team, Glory Tarimo and Brenda Allan, travelled to Mvomero, Morogoro to train 15 carefully selected Community Based Trainers (CBTs), on November 21st & 22nd,  to become clean energy entreprenuers. The trainings were very well received by the participants who were introduced to ARTI’s solar and cookstove products and were also given basic sales and business trainings. The CBTs showed a strong willingness to begin receiving products immediately in order to capitalise on the training and opportunity to become clean energy entreprenuers.

wPower Revolving Fund Credit Facility

ARTI and CARE  have partnered to introduce a revolving fund credit facility for use by CBTs who have been trained through the wPower project. The fund will provide CBTs with crucial credit required to make the larger stock purchases required to scale up their clean energy enterprises. CBTs have been carefully selected by ARTI and CARE to maximise the impact of the credit and ensure prompt repayments.