Envirofit CH-2200 Charcoal Cook Stove

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ARTI Energy distributes Envirofit’s CH-2200 Charcoal Cook Stove.


The CH-2200 has been designed specifically to be the most efficient charcoal cookstove in the world.  Manufactured using the same state-of-the-art, patent pending technologies as the larger CH5200, the CH2200 provides the same quality, affordable improved cook stove perfect for  household and commerical cooking on a smaller scale and lower price.

The CH-2200′s design reduces charcoal usage by up to 60% by maximising the transfer of heat form the burning fuel to cooking. This reduction in charcoal consumption can translate to significant financial savings for users. Maximising heat transfer also helps to reduce cooking times by up to 50%.

The CH-2200 also reduces the environmental and health impacts of cooking with charcoal. The CH-2200 reduces smoke and soot by up to 80%, lowering indoor air pollution levels and effects that this has upon the health of users and household members.

View the specifications of the CH-2200.