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Mkaa Mkombozi is ARTI’s own sustainable charcoal briquette product. These briquettes are produced through Charcoal Briquettes Tanzania Limited (CBTL), a subsidiary of ARTI Energy Limited.  using agricultural waste (such as maize stalks, rice & coconut husks) and other dry biomass to create a high quality, sustainable and cleaner cooking fuel solution.

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In Swahili, ‘Mkaa‘ is the word for charcoal and ‘Mkombozi‘ means savior with the name emphasizing the transformative impact of our sustainable charcoal briquettes. The brand’s tagline, ‘Okoa Pesa |Okoa Afya |Okoa Mazingira‘ literally translates as ‘Save Money | Save Health| Save the Environment’.


Save MoneyMkaa Mkombozi briquettes are denser than regular wood charcoal. This means they burn longer and hotter than this traditional fuel, reducing cooking times and charcoal use saving users money.

Save HealthThe briquettes produce far less smoke than convention charcoal, reducing indoor pollution and improving health outcomes for Mkaa Mkombozi users.

Save the Environment - Mkaa Mkombozi provides a sustainable alternative to wood charcoal that is responsible for the severe deforestation affecting Tanzania. Transforming agricultural waste and dry biomass into charcoal briquettes utilises readily available waste products and minimises the harmful environmental impacts of using wood based cooking fuels.

Mkaa Mkombozi is available in 4 and 25kg bags at CBTL/AEL Offices in Sala Sala, Mkilimahewa office in Mbezi Beach and will soon be found in many other locations throughout Dar-Es-Salaam.  If you require larger orders for resale, institutions or industrial use, please contact +255 786 427 949 or email

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Charcoal Extruders

  Charcoal extruders to produce charcoal briquettes are also available and range in sizes from a smaller manual extruder which produces 30-40kg of briquettes per day to larger extruders, which produce about 300kg per day.

Charcoal Kiln

Charcoal or charring kiln is fabricated from 2 recycled oil drums. The kiln consists of one drum with a lid and chimney. The kiln is operated by 2 persons, it is easy to use and to transport. A team of … Continue reading