ARTI at 2013 Trade Fairs – Saba Saba and Nane Nane

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ARTI recently participated in the Dar es-Salaam International Trade Fair, known as Saba Saba, and the Dodoma’s Kilimo Kwanza Agricultural Fair, known as Nane Nane. It was the seventh time ARTI has been invited by the Tanzania’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to participate as part of their contingent for the events. Across the two events ARTI spent 17 days demonstrating and selling our solar, cookstove and charcoal briquette products. The events draw huge crowds each year and ARTI was able to display and distribute its products to a large number of interested customers from across Tanzania.


The ARTI Energy team with our banda at Saba Saba


Over 300,000 people pass through Saba Saba each year. Safe to say we had a busy time demonstrating and selling our products to all these people!

These two events provided milestones for ARTI Energy’s growing product line.  It was our first opportunity to introduce our new Envirofit cookstoves to the Tanzanian market. We were extremely pleased with the embrace of the our cookstove range by visitors with ARTI selling over 1500 cookstoves across the two events and receiving great interest from thousands more who were enthusiastic about the new, transformative Envirofit stoves.


Programs Director, Dennis Tessier, explaining the benefits of our new Envirofit M5000 wood cookstove at Nane Nane

We also introduced our Mkaa Mkombozi branded sustainable charcoal briquettes, explaining how they are produced and demonstrating their benefits for users. Again visitors showed huge interest in our presentation with customers leaving the Saba Saba Grounds with over three tonnes of our sustainable briquettes and many more showing interest about being involved in the charcoal production process (see: Trainings and Briquette Trainings & Equipment).


Our new sustainable charcoal briquette brand, Mkaa Mkombozi, was launched with great success at Saba Saba.

An Innovative Success: wPower entrepreneurs as event saleswomen

One of our major innovations for this year’s events was incorporating women from our wPower project  into our sales staff. In planning for the events we worked with the Jukuila, the umbrella group that manages and distributes ARTI products to Village Agents (VAs) in the Dar es-Salaam area, to identify six enthusiastic, knowledgeable  and committed women to work with ARTI as salespeople across our two trade fairs. With Jukuila, ARTI then formulated a sales structure that maximised incentives and positive outcomes from the events for Jukuila and the VAs along with ARTI’s interests.  ARTI provided stock, at wholesale price to Jukuila that was then sold by the chosen VAs through ARTI’s booth at retail prices. Jukuila then made profit (equivalent to retail price – wholesale price) on every product sold at the events. At the end of each event these total profits were calculated and Jukuila given the opportunity to directly convert this into stock purchases to supply the large number of VAs in Dar es-Salaam. The VAs involved were given the opportunity to take their share of the profit in the form of stock and then proceeded to make their own profit from its resale to their customers.  Not only has it provided the group with an opportunity to purchase large amount of stock but the VAs who participated as saleswomen have gained valuable sale experience and have been energised by the sales they have made at these events and are keen to expand their own enterprises and capitalise on the market demand for clean energy products they have witnessed.


Some of our wPower saleswomen selling our Envirofit cookstoves


The ARTI team and our wPower saleswomen (all standing) after a hard days work in Nane Nane Dodoma.