Envirofit Improved Cookstoves Are Here!

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ARTI has just received our first shipment of Envirofit’s improved cookstoves.

The cookstoves, available for both charcoal (CH5200) and wood (M5000),  have been designed specifically to maximise fuel efficiency and minimise cooking times & harmful emissions. Manufactured using state-of-the-art, patent pending technologies, the cookstoves provide quality, affordable solutions for  household and commerical cooking.

The unique design of Envirofit cookstoves maximises heat transfer  to enable:

Reduced fuel consumption of up to 60% – creating significant financial savings for users

Reduced cooking times of up to 50%

The cookstoves specially designed combustion chamber also reduces smoke and soot by up to 80% compared to traditional cooking techniques, greatly reducing indoor air pollution and its harmful health effects.

The cookstoves are extremely high quality. They are specially designed in the USA, using unique quality materials and the stoves have a 5 year warranty on the combustion chamber.

The cookstoves are available from purchase in person at ARTI’s offices, Nishati Mkombozi shop in Mwenge or contact ARTI directly.

Click on the photos below to find out more about the individual cookstoves.

Envirofit’s CH5200 Charcoal Cookstove

Envirofit’s M5000 Wood Cookstove