ARTI Trains 62 Village Agents for wPower Project

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ARTI made its second site visit for the wPower project on March 21 and 22. We visited the Vingunguti area in Ilala district of Dar es-Salaam where we met 63 Village Agents (VAs). These VAs were representing approximately 630 groups comprising 25-30 members or 18,900 potential customers from CARE International’s Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA).

ARTI technician, Brenda Allan introduces Barefoot Power products to the Village Agents

On the first day we introduced the ARTI Energy team and explained the fundamentals of the wPower project to the VAs. We then introduced the products, solar lights and clean energy cookstoves that the VAs will be distributing as clean energy entrepreneurs. We provided the VAs with technical training focused on the features and installation of the products along with trouble-shooting and maintenance. Focus was also placed on the business aspects of the projects such as record keeping and the distribution and sales structure of the project along with explanations of the process of ARTI’s after-sales services. We also demonstrated some of supporting promotional materials the wPower team will provide.  This includes banners, fliers and technical tools needed to begin the VAs clean energy entreprises.

ARTI’s Glory Tarimo and CARE’s Francis Songela describe how the structure of the wPower project works

Our training visit also served as an opportunity to meet with the Jumuiya group that serves as an umbrella organisation to monitor, co-ordinate and represent the VAs in the Ilala region. They will be working closely with ARTI throughout the wPower project to help ensure the success of the project for the VAs in Ilala.

VAs watch the lighting of Envirofit’s M5000 wood cookstove

All the VAs responded very positively to the training days and ARTI is excited to begin the next stage of the project, distributing of the products to the VAs that will enable them to become clean energy entrepreneurs.

Brenda shows a VA how to install Barefoot Power’s PowaPack 5W solar system.

Some of the VAs potential customers look at the M5000 wood cookstove.