ARTI hosts BEIA Close-Out Workshop

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ARTI hosted the close-out workshop for the World Bank’s Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA) from the 18th to the 20th of September at the Hilton Double Tree Hotel in Dar es Salaam.  The meeting served as an opportunity to show case the work of BEIA projects across 9 Sub-Saharan African Countries, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Rwanda, Gambia, Ethiopia, as well as map the way forward.

The close out workshop was attended by a wide range of stakeholders from the donor community, international NGOs, local stakeholders as well as officials from the Government of Tanzania, all valuable supporters in the process.

Honourable. Dr. Terezya Huvisa, who is Minister of State, Vice Presidents Office, for Environment and President of the African Ministerial Conference on Environment (AMCEN), attended the workshop and gave a compelling closing speech for greater action and involvement in the biomass energy sector. The honourable Minister also committed her support for the scaling up of charcoal briquettes in Tanzania being carried at by ARTI.  She demonstrated her commitment following the workshop by visiting the ARTI office and the Bagamoyo Brikwiti Company, a community based enterprise (CBE) established with BEIA funding.

On the final day of the workshop over 20 delegates visited the Bagamoyo Brikwiti Company where they saw the production in full swing from the village level where char powder is made to the process of briquetting in the factory.  Delegates completed the day by visiting the Bagamoyo Beach Resort, who purchases briquettes on  a regular basis, and who cooked a wonderful meal for the group.

ARTI hosts VETA solar interns

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ARTI is hosting four students from the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) of Tanzania for a 2 month internship on solar installation and repair.  The students include Abdallah Saidi, Abdalla J. Saidi, Brenda Allan and Chacha G. Korosso, who represent the first batch of students to come to ARTI from VETA.

VETA interns: Abdallah Saidi, Abdalla J. Saidi, Brenda Allan and Chacha G. Korosso

 The students are part of a 7 month intensive solar electrical system program that incorporates 2 months of practical training at leading solar companies in Tanzania.

 With solar growing so rapidly in Tanzania there exists a gap between demand of quality products and technicians and what the market can supply.  ARTI is proud to have these young interns and is thorouoghly impressed with their drive to learn and commitment to being knowledgeable solar technicians…indeed they represent the future of the industry in Tanzania.