Solar Lighting

Lighting is a basic need and should be available to everyone.  ARTI-Energy provides solar solutions that range from hand held solar lights to complete solar systems for institutions.  With the affordable pricing and reliable products no one needs to be left in the dark.


Greenlight Planet ‘SunKing ECO’

Greenlight Planet’s SunKing Eco is the latest addition to ARTI’s solar light range. The Eco is a simple, easy-to-use solar powered lamp that makes for an ideal replacement for kerosene lanterns used by many households and businesses. The Eco’s 25 … Continue reading

Greenlight Planet ‘SunKing Pro 2′

Greenlight Planet’s SunKing Pro 2 is part of  ARTI’s new solar light range. The Pro 2 is a simple, high powered  solar lamp that combines very bright LED lighting with multiple phone charging capabilities. The Pro 2′s 150 lumen Turbo … Continue reading

Barefoot Power ‘Connect 600′

ARTI has introduced Barefoot Power’s new generation Connect 600 to its product range. The Connect 600 provides high quality, bright LED lighting along with multiple phone and accessory charging along with a 12V output. The Connect 600 is a plug-and-play system … Continue reading