Solar, Solar Back-Up & Back-up Systems

ARTI Energy has a variety of larger solar, solar back-up and non-solar back up systems.  The following provides a brief description so that you can better understand what you are potentially investing in.  ARTI Energy has pre-designed kits based on the most common needs we are asked to meet, but we are available to help you size a specialized system to meet your needs:

240 Watt solar panels

Solar System:

is a “stand alone” system designed to be used independent from Tanesco relying solely on solar power to charge the batteries.  Each solar option is sized for a specific load.  The solar system generally includes the solar panel(s), charge controller, batteries, inverter and lights, plus the wires and other installation accessories.  The cost includes installation accessories and labour up to the main switch only.  If wiring does not exist in the house the customer must either install the wiring or ask us for the additional cost for wiring.

Charge controller (left) regulating the solar energy to the battteries

Solar Back-up Systems:

are systems that use both solar power and Tanesco to charge the batteries.  The system automatically switches to the batteries when the Tanesco power is cut.  The solar panels provide charging to the batteries during the day thus saving the battery capacity for the night.  The solar back-up system generally includes solar panel(s), charge controller, batteries, an inverter/charger, change over switch, lights, plus the wires and installation accessories.  During the installation the technician organizes the main switch between loads that are powered with “Tanesco ON” and loads with “solar back-up ON”.  If the house is only single phase an additional main switch will need to be installed for the solar back-up system.

Back-up Systems:

are the same as the solar back-up systems but without the added power supply of the solar panels to charge the batteries.  Therefore, when the Tanesco power is cut the back-up system will only have the power available in the batteries (total 6-8 hours) for use during the day and during the night.  While the cost may be less than the solar back-up system the back-up system does not provide “free” power during the day and has more wear and tear on the batteries.

Inverter/Charger turns on automatically when the power cuts

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