ARTI Launches New Renewable Energy Products at Saba Saba

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The ARTI booth located within the MNRT pavilion

ARTI Energy is showcasing its renewable energy products at the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF), popularly known as “Saba Saba” from the 28th of June to the 8th of July.

ARTI stand on the left on the way to the zoo

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT), our valued partner and supporter, is hosting ARTI within their pavilion.  The ARTI booth is directly on the route to see the animals in the Zoo.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT) pavilion where the ARTI booth is located

As part of our commitment to promoting renewable energy the ARTI team has taken the Saba Saba event to launch Barefoot Power Generation 2.5 products.  The new Gen 2.5 products feature advanced batteries and LEDs as well as improved electronics and 1 year warranty.

Lulu and Haika from the ARTI team promoting Barefoot Power products

As part of the launch all Barefoot Products are being sold at the wholesale price to the public:

Firefly – 40,000 (Retail 50,000)

PowaPack Junior – 110,000 (Retail 130,000)

PowaPack 5w – 200,000 (Retail 230,000)

Home Lighting System 15w with Battery– 350,000 (Retail 380,000)

Our first customers of Saba Saba: Mrs. Kiangi, who bought a Firefly and Mr. Honoratus Mgunda, who bought a 5w PowaPack. ARTI technicians explain how to install and use the solar kits.  Mrs. Sarah George also bought the first 3kg of charcoal briquettes.

As part of our commitment to quality service the ARTI team has also set up a working service centre to explain how to install and use the lights and make any repairs for customers who have previously bought Barefoot Products.

Kennedy Mremi, certified Barefoot Power technician, repairs a 5w PowaPack for a customer at our on site service centre at the ARTI booth inside the MNRT pavilion

This year ARTI is also hosting the Bagamoyo Briquettes Company (BBC), which is the face of the waste to wealth project.  BBC is also taking the opportunity to launch its charcoal briquettes brand offering a 3kg samples of its sustainable charcoal briquettes for 2,000 Tsh., and larger bags of 15 and 25kg for a price of 600 Tsh/kilo.  The goal is to educate Tanzanians to value of charcoal briquettes as a quality product that also has far reaching socio-economic and environmental benefits.

Bagamoyo Briquettes Company (BBC) Manager, Allen Shaidi, speaks with visitors on the benefits of briquettes over traditional wood charcoal.

The entire ARTI Team looks forward to seeing you at Saba Saba!

ARTI & Barefoot Power Launch Gen 2.5 Products

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The solar seminar was held at the Serena Hotel in the Dar es Salaam's city centre

ARTI Energy hosted a solar Seminar at the Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam on May 30TH.  The event was co-hosted with Barefoot Power the Australian manufacturer of Barefoot Power products.  ARTI Energy is responsible for distribution, sales and service of Barefoot Power solar products in Tanzania.

Dennis Tessier, ARTI Energy Programs Director, opening the Solar Seminar

The event was held to launch the new line of Generation 2.5 solar products and to highlight the efforts made by ARTI Energy and Barefoot Power to combat energy poverty in Tanzania.

Dennis Tessier, Programs Director for ARTI Energy, highlighted the achievements made over the past 2 years in Tanzania, which included distribution of over 7,000 solar lights in 2011, completion of a Lighting Rural Tanzanian project, with the support of the Rural Energy Agency (REA) and the World Bank, and the development of a network of 40 dealers, 60 SACCOS and 1 micro-finance institution.

Liddon Mturi, Liddon Muturi, Regional Manager for Barefoot Power East and Southern Africa, presents on Barefoot Power strategy

Liddon Muturi, Regional Manager for Barefoot Power East and Southern Africa, presented on Barefoot Power strategy, the need to replace kerosene lanterns with solar lanterns and grant opportunities with Peak View Global Trust.

Marion Kamuyu, Barefoot Power Business Development Associate for East and South Africa with Emma Landy of ARTI Energy

Marion Kamuyu, Business Development Associate for East and South Africa, used the opportunity to speak the about the upgrades with the Generation 2.5 products including :

  • New high capacity lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries now last 5 years (1000 cycles)
  • New AGM SLA batteries for PowaPack 5w lasting 3 years (400 cycles)
  • New Brighter SMD LEDs that last much longer.
  • Improved charge controllers & circuit boards.
  • Environmentally friendly: GEN 2.5 meets the UN Clean Development Mechanism Standards.
  • New phone charging solution charges up to 6 phones in a day.

Allan Shaidi, Manager of the Bagamoyo Briquettes Company, hosted a display on the Waste to Wealth Project funded by the World Bank’s Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA).

Allan Shaidi, BBC Manager, explaining the environmental and economic benefits of charcoal briquettes to stakeholders

The event was completed with cocktails and booths where participants could meet ARTI Energy staff and learn about specific Barefoot Products including the Firefly, PowaPack Junior 2.5w, PowaPack 5w and the 10w and 15w Home Lighting Sytems.

Dennis Tessier responds to questions posed by stakeholders

If you would like to learn more about Barefoot Power Products, becoming  a dealer, a partner, getting special pricing for your SACCOS or company, or the opportunities for grants with the Peak View Global Trust, please contact Dennis Tessier, ARTI Energy Programs Director…

The ARTI Energy Team: L-R, Ronnie Mmbando, Abdalla Seushi, Emma Landy, Luka Malavaga, Lulu Mwammenywa, Kennedy Mremi & Esther John

Charcoal Briquettes Sales Pick Up

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ARTI Energy Limited received this first shipment of charcoal briquettes from the newly operational Bagamoyo Brikwiti Company (BBC) this week. The first shipment totaled 400kg of briquettes packed in the BBC’s trademark bags.

Charcoal Briquettes for sale at the ARTI office in DSM

It did not take long to make a sale of our briquettes with the first bag of charcoal briquettes being sold to Jacqueline Senyagwa of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), who was visiting the office to learn more about ARTI Energy activities.

Jacqueline Senyagwa of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) poses with the 25kg bag of briquettes she just purchased. Also in the picture are Allan Shaidi, BBC Manager, Kennedy Mremi, ARTI Lead Technical Trainer and John Chuwa, Technician

Allan Shaidi, Investor and BBC’s Project Manager, is confident in the potential of charcoal briquettes, stating “I know that the brikwiti will compete favorably against regular charcoal in the Dar es Salaam market, especially since traditional wood charcoal is constantly increasing in price and decreasing in quality.”

Allan Shaidi, BBC Manager, speaks to stakeholders during a renewable energy seminar hosted by ARTI Energy at the Serena Hotel in DSM

 BBC has also started making sales through its office in Bagamoyo town. They sold 87kg in May from their production site.  Even more significant is the update amongst local businesses.  Kaole Bar and Restaurant in Bagamoyo town has begun taking weekly shipments of charcoal briquettes to be used in their kitchens.  This is a very positive trend which we expect to continue to grow.

Tadei Mapunda, displays the new BBC 15kg sacs

Charcoal briquettes are now for sale at the ARTI Energy office. The briquettes are being sold in 2kg (1,200 Tsh), 16kg (9,600 tsh) and 25kg (15,000 tsh) bags.

Emma Landy promotes charcoal briquettes during the Renewable Energy exhibition in Dar es Salaam

If you want to learn more about charcoal briquettes and/or try a sample please visit us at our office or during the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF – Saba Saba) June 30-July 8th, or Nane Nane in Dodoma between July 30th and August 8th.

Yassin Thabiti checks the quality of the charcoal briquettes produced by BBC