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IST students learning about solar with Dennis from ARTI

Three grade 5 students from the International School of Tanganyika, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, have started a project to raise money to provide solar lamps for Tanzanian students who don’t have access to electricity in their homes.

Lynn, Salah and Stephanie are excited about helping students so that they can see to do their homework at nighttime, without the use of dangerous candles and kerosene lanterns. Not only are these fire hazards but also the ongoing cost to buy candles and kerosene is often too much for poor families.

A book of student stories called Write for Light has been published by IST Elementary and is being sold by the group to raise money for this project. The students are also planning to sell solar lights provided by ARTI and all the money raised will be used to fund a solar lamp-lending program for a local school in Dar es Salaam.

Fundraising will continue over the next 6 weeks and the lamps to be donated will be purchased from ARTI by the start of May 2012.

If you want to make a donation and/or buy a book to support the project please send an email to dennis@arti-africa.org

“Knowledge is love and light and vision” – Helen Keller

German Conducts Research on Solar Livelihoods

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Henning and some of ARTI’s solar promotion materials

ARTI has a new intern who joined the team on Monday March 5th. Henning Korte, a Geographer from Germany, will be with us until the end of May. During this period he will conduct the field research for his Master’s thesis for the department of “Technology and Resource Management in the Tropics and Subtropics” of the Cologne University of Applied Science in Germany.

Henning’s research will focus on the impact of low cost solar systems on the creation of “Sustainable Livelihoods” in the rural areas of Tanzania. Henning will conduct interviews with households within Bagamoyo or Kibaha Districts as well as interviews with different experts from NGOs and Governmental institutions. The findings will be published in his Master’s thesis, which will be finished by July of this year. In addition to conducting research Henning will volunteer with the ARTI solar team to get a better understanding of how low cost solar promotion and business functions in Tanzania.