Lighting Africa Team Visits Solar Promotions in Bagamoyo District

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Leo Blyth from Lighting Africa visits ARTI-TZ promotions in Bagamoyo District

On May 4th 2011, Leo Blyth and Simon Karunditu from the World Bank and Jones Olotu and Julian Kiiza from Rural Energy Agency (REA) visited  ARTI-TZ  offices in Mbezi beach with the purpose of checking on the progress of the Lighting Rural Tanzania Project and to  offer project support.  The World Bank/REA team visited the solar repair center, solar demonstration area and had an opportunity to see the various promotional materials used by ARTI-TZ  to promote solar lights through LRTC.

ARTI-TZ staff demonstrate solar lights to Simon Karunditu of the World Bank

Later on the same day, the team was accompanied by  Nachiket Potnis, Executive Director of ARTI TZ, to meet Jacqueline Michael (LRTC Project Officer) and Abdalla Seushi (LRTC Field Officer)  in Kiromo Village, Bagamoyo District  where solar promotions for the lighting Rural Tanzania Project were taking place. The visitors watched  Jacqueline, Abdalla and Potnis conducting the solar promotions with the assistance of  Abel shop technicians, one of ARTI-TZs partner dealers under LRTC.

Abdalla Seushi, LRTC Field Officer, promotes lights from a mobile promotional vehicle in Bagamoyo District

The World Bank/REA team were impressed with the way the promotions were conducted, combining demonstrations of Barefoot Power 5W powapack and Firefly 12 mobile, with music and dancing from B town Entertainment Group.  The music and dancing spiced up the promotions and attracted large numbers of people.

Jacqueline and Abdalla also put up posters on shop walls and installing solar lights in shops and houses of kiromo households who had bought solar lights on spot.

Nachiket Potnis, ARTI-TZ Executive Director, poses with a customer who just bought a 5w solar system

The World Bank and REA team also visited Abel shop  which is located in Bagamoyo Town and is also a partner dealer under LRTC.   Mr Abel, the shop owner, was interviewed on the progress of the solar project and the response of his customers towards the solar lights. Mr. Abel spoke on how working ARTI-TZ under the LRTC project has allowed him to extend credit to school teachers and to households in Bagamoyo through the Local Government Authorities.

ARTI-TZ staff and Abel Shop technicians pose with the dancers from B-Town Entertainers during the solar promotions

Mpingo Farm Stay gets Serious with Solar

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Carla Acosta, an intern from York University in Canada, stands besides a Mpingo tree.

Mpingo Farm Stay is an exclusive nature farm that provides lovers a place to seek harmony, tranquility and solitude. On May 23rd 2011, team members from ARTI-TZ visited the Mpingo Farm Stay which is located 38 km from Dar es Salaam in Bagamoyo District. The purpose of this visit was to complete the installation of Barefoot Power solar kits in the guest lodges, kitchen, patio and workers quarters.

Kenned Mremi, from ARTI-TZ, installs the 5W solar panel on the thatched roof of the patio

The installation was conducted by Abdalla Seushi, Kennedy Mremi and James Mariwa from ARTI-TZ.  Carla Acosta, an intern from Canada, and  Jacqueline Michael, also from ARTI-TZ,  accompanied to assist in the installation and see the wonderful efforts to conserve the natural environment.  Staff members from Mpingo Farm Stay gave a tour to the ARTI-TZ team and helped with hanging the lights in the banda’s.

One of the many LED lights installed at Mpingo Farm Stay

The Barefoot Power lights have helped a great deal at the Farm as electricity is scarce and most people rely on kerosene and candles as the main source of lighting.  According to one of the Mpingo Farm Stay staff the solar power has been the most efficient and economical form of power  and allows them to remain within their mandate to be environmentally friendly.

The Mpingo Farm Stay story demonstrates how people living and do business in areas without power can adopt solar energy  and avoid undergoing the costly process of installing grid electricity or using generators.   Lodges, campsites and other institutions, such as schools, can use the example of the Mpingo farm to see the opportunity to reap the benefits of solar.

For more information about Mpingo Farm Stay please email: or call +255 752 383 138 or +255 659 383 138.

For more information about Barefoot Solar, please visit our products page and click on solar.