Mbagala Group Invests in Briquetting

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Members of the Mbagala Development Association receive instruction from ARTI-TZ

Members of the Mbagala Development Association invested in a charcoal kiln, manual briquettes extruder and training in October/November of this year.  The groups 6 member governing body visited the ARTI-TZ office after hearing about the briquetting technology in the media.

Mbagala Development Association preparing the kiln for a char cycle

After several visits and some research on the subject the group decided to invest in the equipment and training.  In November, ARTI-TZ trainer, Kennedy Mremi delivered the kiln to their site in Mbagala and spent a full day training them on how to pyrolyze dry biomass and convert the char powder into briquettes.

Initially the group will use the briquettes in their own home until the become comfortable with their use.  Once theyare accustomed to the briquettes they will begin to market them in their community.  The group will do this through a sensitization program.

Trainees remove the drums once pyrolyzation is complete

ARTI-TZ will provide additional support in terms of training on packaging, branding, marketing, distribution and general business development.

Mbagala Development Associations first charcoal briquettes