Briquette Trainings and Equipment

Charcoal Briquettes drying in the sun before packaging

Charcoal briquettes made from agricultural waste and other dry biomass offer an economical solution to the rising costs of cooking fuel in cities.  Briquettes are clean burning and cheaper than traditional wood charcoal.  They also provide an alternative to cutting precious forests for fuel.

ARTI has years of experience producing charcoal briquettes and training individuals and groups to produce charcoal briquettes and char powder.

ARTI provides technical support and trainings along with supplying equipment such as charcoal kilns and extruders required to begin char powder or briquette production.

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Charcoal Extruders

  Charcoal extruders to produce charcoal briquettes are also available and range in sizes from a smaller manual extruder which produces 30-40kg of briquettes per day to larger extruders, which produce about 300kg per day.

Charcoal Kiln

Charcoal or charring kiln is fabricated from 2 recycled oil drums. The kiln consists of one drum with a lid and chimney. The kiln is operated by 2 persons, it is easy to use and to transport. A team of … Continue reading