Charcoal Kiln

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Charcoal or charring kiln is fabricated from 2 recycled oil drums. The kiln consists of one drum with a lid and chimney. The kiln is operated by 2 persons, it is easy to use and to transport.

A team of 2 persons can operate several kilns at the time. One kiln can produce up to 60 kg of char powder per day.

Orders require up to one week to fill (Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania)


Lighting the kiln

Monitoring they Pyrolyzation process

Numerous Kilns converting agricultural waste to char powder

Garden Kiln

The Garden Kiln is fabricated using 2 used oil drums and comes with the kiln, lid, stove pipe and plunger.  Total char production is 40-100kg/day.

Orders take up to one week to fill (DSM).

Garden Kiln with lid and stove pipe